Share the Mission Volunteers

‘Share the Mission’ is a volunteer program of Lasallian Youth Ministry and the De La Salle Brothers in the District of Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

‘Share the Mission’ provides committed and talented volunteers to Lasallian works for a period of nine months, full-time, and creatively provides an avenue for volunteers to serve, grow, change their own life, and the lives of others who are marginalised in any way.

‘Share the Mission’ is an opportunity to be formally associated for the Lasallian mission whilst connected to a Brother’s Community for inspiration and discipleship.

This unique ministry is about building and strengthening Lasallian relationships in order to bring young people closer to God.

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Program Aims
Our Placements offer unique opportunities to:
• Participate in exciting ministries in one of two countries
•Explore further personal values, spirituality and direction in life
•Experience faith-based community living
•Develop and deepen being a Lasallian

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Placement Essentials
Openings are in education in mission and trade schools, in social welfare / training work, or in youth ministry. Share the Mission Volunteers (SMV's), usually in pairs or trios, live for the nine months (early March till early December) in a community with Brothers or other Volunteers. Each has an experienced Mentor. There is an orientation program and a transition-home program, with most expenses paid.

Some possible ministry placements are:

Luurnpa Catholic School, Balgo Hills, in the Western Desert of the Kimberley in Western Australia offers experience of a poor, remote indigenous mission community of the Kukatja people. Work can be teaching, assisting local Teacher Aides, helping with computers, sports supervision and coaching, or library resource production. Adaptable, resilient, open people, working outside city life are needed.

De La Salle College, Auckland is a boys secondary school in South Auckland, New Zealand, which is a low socio-economic area. The largely Polynesian environment provides opportunities for broad cross-cultural work in teacher assistance / teaching in special needs learning, youth ministry leadership, sports coaching.

La Salle College, Perth is a co-educational secondary school in Western Australia. Volunteers live in a cottage attached to the Aboriginal Boarding Hostel where young indigenous students from the region (including Balgo Hills) can do their senior schooling. This placement requires broad cross-cultural work in teacher assistance / teaching in special needs learning, youth ministry leadership, sports coaching and tutoring.

Lasallian Metropolitan Schools also need assistance and may be a further option.

Personal Requirements:
Anyone between the age of 17-27, in good health, with a current Christian commitment to marginalized people can apply. One needs demonstrated social skills, initiative & independence, openness to leadership growth and to new cultures. Usually male and female applicants come from Lasallian schools, but selection does not preclude others.
Currently employed Lasallian Partners are invited also to apply for possible vacant positions in selected Placements.

Applying and Selection
The first step is to make contact (see names below), and find out, face-to-face, the dimension of the Program. This involves an information session and careful thought and advice before applying. The candidate has a certain measure of choice in their preferred Placement, with final decision for selection resting with program organisers. Interviews are in late October.

Expenses / Legalities
The Brothers pay for your travel to and from Placement, costs of accommodation, meals and insurance. Participants receive an Allowance, but provide also their own spending money. As one works with young people, a compulsory police clearance and working with children check is required.

A week-long induction program in February will help you to explore and understand the experience, its commitments and what you could reasonably expect to benefit from it.
What are my hopes and motivations? What are the expectations of those I’ll be working and living with? What particular skills and potential do I have to offer that fits the Placement? How is this a Christian program? What legal and safety aspects do I need to know?

Mentoring Support and Accompaniment
Once in your Placement, a" Mentor" helps you to be at home, and induct you to the work-place and your living in a faith community. You have a skilled "Service Supervisor" as well. They "walk with you" as you take initiatives, set yourself goals & achieve in your service work. The Brothers also support you.

Transition, Home and Acknowledgement
In mid - December there is a group de-briefing and evaluation time and a time to reflect with other Volunteers on experiences and the future. Formal recognition of your service as a SMV is given publicly. You are encouraged to share your Placement experience with others and keep up association with the Lasallian District.

Personal Rewards
These can be many. Some are~
• Living and learning in a different culture and community;
• Up-skilling and discovering personal strengths and abilities previously unidentified;
• Associating more deeply as a Lasallian & energising others;
• Experiencing close-up commitment to disadvantaged young people.

More Information:
Mr Philippe Dulawan - Youth Ministry Co-ordinator, Lasallian Mission Services.
Philippe Dulawan <>

Alternatively, make contact with your local Lasallian Youth Minister or De La Salle Brother for more information.