Lasallian Associated Partners

The Lasallian Mission today is a shared experience of all members of the Institute, the Brothers and all lay associates. Together, we are the co-heirs of the Charism and the guarantors of its future around the world. To be a Lasallian Associated Partner you need to care about the youth in your care and be willing to support the Lasallian Mission both in word and action.

Association stems from a personal conviction or deep belief in the following:

  • a love for children and the hope we find in them;
  • meaning in our work...providing education for the young and especially the poor (in direct and indirect service) that we believe is liberating and transformative;
  • life-giving relationships whether in educational communities or living together as Brothers, brothers and Lay, or in an all lay community - which is continuously a source of energy and inspiration;
  • joy in discovering one's vocation as a Brother, married or single lay in the participation of the mission.

(from "Associated for the Lasallian Mission, Bulletin No. 250 - 2005)

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